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Single-Estate, washed Bourbon from nano lot Finca la Pila Apaneca, El Salvador. Grown at an elevation of 1650 meters

This Bourbon comes from Carlos’ friend Sidartha’s coffee garden in El Salvador. Sid, like Carlos, moved to the states, but kept his coffee ties to El Salvador with his 4 acre farm he runs with his father. This nano lot is grown solely for Bonito.

When the coffee rust (a fungus that attacks coffee leaves) came through the area, it took a large toll on many of the local bourbon plants. Because of their deep love for this varietal, Sid and his father did not replant new varietals like many of the other farmers. We find that this coffee gets better and better every year and we hope you will enjoy some of this limited offering while it’s available.

Roaster’s Notes: Marzipan, chocolate, cinnamon. Medium body, bright acidity.

12oz bag.

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